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Severed Savior is a Bay Area based death metal band that features ex-members of Deeds of Flesh. These guys play in the vein of Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus, so you know right from the get go to brace yourself for the carnage. BRUTALITY IS LAW is not only a clever catch phrase, but it is also the title to this metal outfit's album, a collection containing 10 meaty tracks of guitars that sound like swarms of bees near a hive and a rhythm section that puts most construction sites to shame when it comes to noise levels. This quartet pounds out some heavy stuff, folks and for those that like death metal for the speed, you're in luck; everything's fast as hell and is hearty enough to bang your head to. So, if you like your death metal heavy and fast with a slew of growls and guttural utterances that sound like Cookie Monster on crack, allow Severed Savior to attack your senses for a while.
- Mike SOS