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Pharaoh is a quartet whose traditional metal stance carries the band across 10-tracks of well-versed, carefully constructed Americanized power metal. Armed with airtight rhythms, slick yet forceful guitar work, and a commanding vocal presence, tracks like “Sunrise” and “In the Violet Fire” displays this band’s penchant for unfurling some of the most glorious metallic firepower smack dab in the middle of the progressive and classic metal templates. Everything from Dio to Kamelot is referenced here, from the cascading melodies found on the galloping “Fighting” to the mid-tempo march that yields to a delectable guitar solo on “Endlessly”. If you thought this type of metal was antiquated, Pharaoh seems up to task to make you rethink those notions, especially as the unleashing of the ultra-harmonic closing instrumental “Never Run” hits you for the first time. Horns up, folks, this one is packed with hair-raising heavy metal triumph through and through.
- Mike SOS