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They call their music “instrumetal”, and despite the cheesy moniker, this Toronto quartet delivers a potent blend of old school thrash with a keen sense for soloing. On the six-track LETHAL LEGACY, Mastery’x pristine precision and adept dexterity shines brightest, as the twin guitar assault rivals early Megadeth, AJFA-Metallica, and Skolnick-era Testament in pure guitar shredding. No slouches are the rhythm section either, as the bass wallops and the drums, which are so prominent in this mix, instantaneously lunge out at you from the get-go. No singer? No problem because these cats can play, although some vocals next time around would help to seal the deal and make Mastery’s stock ascend to the levels of the ‘80s titans of thrash. But until then, bang your head sans the growls and shrills.
- Mike SOS