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Ensoph’s masterful mixture of metallic elements stir up quite the potent cocktail, as this Italian sextet demonstrate that they are as adept emulating Static-X as they are Cradle of Filth on the band’s 15-track jaunt. A barrage of sounds lunge at your ears throughout the course of this disc, as heavy guitars and dance rhythms are seamlessly merged on tracks like “Kirillow’s Bullet”, emitting a Goth rock flare you’d find at your local corpse-painted contingent’s catacombs. Meshing the bombastic sound of Swedish metal a la Soilwork with the more somber tones of Katatonia, PROJEKT X-KATON’s unabashedly progressive metal influence is very much apparent on tracks like “Condemned”. When coupled with its industrially electronic rock platform, Ensoph lifts bits of Fear Factory, Marilyn Manson, Mushroomhead, and Paradise Lost, making a tasty stew that charts in the familiar and traces into the unknown.
- Mike SOS