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Sepultura is a band that many people may have written off since vocalist/founder Max Cavalera exited nearly a decade ago, but those same people should take a gander at the latest installment by the Brazilian thrash titans and their daunting new release DANTE XXI. With vocalist Derek Green now a member ten years strong and finally hitting his maniacal vocal stride, this 15-track studio endeavor finally displays the fury that Green brings to the Sepultura live set. With a discernibly more hardcore stance than previous outings, songs like “Fighting On” and “Ostia” are truly representative of the band Sepultura is now, while facepeeling tracks “Convicted in Life” and “False” demonstrate the most cohesive attempt the current unit has made in recreating the classic CHOAS AD sound. Rounded out with a bevy of string arrangements and traditional Sepultura experimentation (after all, it is a concept album), DANTE XXI is a triumphantly tumultuous affair and easily the best album this lineup has delivered.
- Mike SOS