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Heralded as the best rock band since Guns ‘N Roses by Motorhead’s almighty Lemmy, this Canadian quartet’s brand of Sunset Strip sleaze and histrionic hard rock makes a welcomed retro ride to 1988. Kill Cheerleader’s dead-on Hanoi Rocks impression kicks the door down on “So Young”, and the band even showcases a tender side with “No Lullabies”. Hankering for the days when Bang Tango, Faster Pussycat, and LA Guns ruled the roost? Kill Cheerleader sure does, and works the aforementioned’s shtick with Dead Boy-esque aggression on “Lady of the Night” amongst others, and way more conviction throughout. ALL HAIL’s throwback qualities, coupled with the outfit’s decidedly punk rock attitude create the hair metal feeling you crave without the Aquanet aftertaste and spandex shame. For those about to rock, Kill Cheerleader answers the call.
- Mike SOS