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Intronaut’s technically impressive four-song offering is a smoldering array of shoegazing metallic bliss, ferocious NWOAHM grit, and sheer musicianship, as these guys arrive with an impressive pedigree (Exhumed, Uphill Battle, Impaled, Anubis Rising) and an eagerness to destroy your eardrums in the most civilized of ways. Meshing the rhythmic panache of Mastodon with the lush atmosphere created by Isis, songs like “Fragments of Character” run over seven minutes, holding all of your attentiveness along the way. Undeniably heavy, NULL also showcases some jaw-dropping bass work on “They (As in Them) and flawless percussion that truly displays just how good this band is. Get acquainted with Intronaut fast, as their brand of multi-influenced jagged metal should lead them to bigger and better things.
- Mike SOS