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Armed with a metallic underbelly and bursting with stoner rock explosiveness, Greatdayforup’s first full-length disc combines six-gun stoner boogie and a fist-pumping hard rock stomp, generating a potent 11-track concoction. From the cowbell-infused “Taste of the Wasted” to ‘90s post-hardcore meets grunge slam of “Twist of the Spine”, this fierce quintet seems hellbent on providing the catchiest and heaviest hooks since early Soundgarden or RIVER RUNS RED-era Life of Agony. “Man’s Ruin” takes the stoner rock ball and runs like the wind complete with a drunken bluesy flare, the slow churn of “Three Card” emulates the meeting of Nebula and Alabama Thunderpussy, while the maelstrom of “Another Lesson” mimics the mighty Kyuss in fine form. FLORES DE SANGRE ends with the title cut, a spooky piano interlude which caps off the riff-a-thon, giving the proper amount of time to catch your breath and regain feeling in your neck from banging so damn hard. If you dig deep grooving riffs and skull-bashing rhythms, this disc is a must have.
- Mike SOS