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The big news about Ironbound NYC is that Craig and Pete from Sick of It All guest on five of the ten tracks on WITH A BRICK. While it’s a safe assumption that the SOIA portion of the disc is the better half, the group, rounded out by members of Maximum Penalty, Killing Time, and Chronic Fear, performances on a whole do garnish some merit. From the old school intro that flips right into the beatdown ready “Dismay” to the purposely CBGB matinee guitar chugging on “Lies”, the music on WITH A BRICK is seething with rage, but the lyrics seem a bit out of step and almost embarrassing for seasoned hardcore vets as these, as “With a Brick” describes, well, hitting someone in the face with a “fucking brick”. Don’t guys in their late 30’s and beyond ever shed that tough guy mentality? Despite the questionable lyrical content, the bombastic hardcore underneath it all emits straight-up NYC aggression, and if you can get past the somewhat juvenile lyrics, Ironbound NYC may just find you picking up change in one of their pits.
- Mike SOS