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Proving the music is truly the universal language, Japanese power punk trio Eastern Youth’s latest 12-track endeavor finds the outfit embracing the traits of bands like Jimmy Eat World, Nirvana, and Fugazi (who this band is often drawn comparisons to in the Land of the Rising Sun). Tracks like the exemplary loud/soft movements found on “A Moonlit Lamb”, the driving “One-Way Ticket Song”, and the angst-ridden yet harmonic “Summer Shine” sound huge despite having only three musicians at the helm. And disregard the fact that the lyrics are sung entirely in Japanese, because emotional involvement is easily communicated between audience and singer Hisashi Yoshino, thanks to his passionate vocal delivery and Western world phrasings. If you’re down for an indie rock adventure with a twist, Eastern Youth has got quite a body of work ready to sink your teeth into.
- Mike SOS