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Project:Bottlecap's 12-track release wears a very harbinging title. Are we to expect this quintet to grab its collective cape and successfully destroy all of the nu-metal fodder and ridiculous fashion rock out there in this great land? Well, that may be asking a bit too much of the lads, but even though the latest album may be misnomer, make no mistake about the heartfelt delivery and honest music P: BC makes. Falling somewhere in between Coheed and Cambria and Samiam, these guys provide passionate playing laden with hooks that are way too clever to be chanted by 14 year old mallcore devotees. The separating factor between Project:Bottlecap and the other bands currently on every teenage girl's wall collage is the amount of soul put into the music; whereas bands like Good Charlotte and New Found Glory look the part, Project:Bottlecap feel it. Enough said.
- Mike SOS