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Shakra is a hard rock band hailing from Sweden whose ‘80s throwback attitude and sturdy, well-studied guitar shreddery harkens back to the days when gravel-throated vocalists with severe cases of lead singer disease roamed stages brazen with bravado as similarly dressed musicians followed suit. While songs like the acoustically flavored ready for radio “Make It Alright” and the “She’s Like Ecstasy” are catchy, damn if choruses that sing, “she’s my ecstasy/ lying next to me” don’t sound too uninspired for 2006. Regardless, the delivery on this 12-track excursion is taken straight from the Whiskey A Go-Go, with a discernible amount of attention paid to the guitar solo in all its glory on tracks like “Out of Control”. Despite being a bit out of touch, FALL does contain some ripping riffs like the ones found on “Walk on Water” and “Do You Know”, and overall is an album with massive appeal to those who dust off the patch-ridden denim jackets for those special occasions like Dokken shows.
- Mike SOS