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Flying under the American radar for nearly two decades, French metal mongers Nightmare have come with sword in hand, ready to overtake your power metal collection with full force. Sharing the musical prowess of bands like Blind Guardian, Kamelot, and Helloween, this 13-track metal tour de force has all of the nuances that a proper traditional metal album should, such as humungous sounding drums, interlocking guitars and keyboards, and a high-pitched vocal wail that evokes the likes of Dio, Dickinson, and the like on tracks such as “Messenger of Faith” and “Taste of Armageddon”, featuring a guest vocal by angelic Floor Jansen from After Forever. Chances are if you’re heavy into the guitar gallop and hanker for the heavy metal histrionics associated with power metal, this 13-track offering is something you need to get your hands on.
- Mike SOS