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When you name your band something as broad as The Ocean, you best be prepared for questions. Well, at least this German troupe, who’ve incorporated six different vocalists on this recording, play a versatile array of metal that meshes the ambiance of Neurosis with the crushing might of New England metalcore like Converge, whose singer Nate Newton appears here. Pushing forth a sprawling 10-track affair as lush as perilous, tracks like near-10 minute “Austerity” shift mood and time signature effortlessly, while “Killing the Flies” demonstrates the collective’s belligerence by exposing its bruising side. There’s a lot to take in on AEOLIAN that requires a love of heavy music and an undistracted ear, and once that time has been rendered, you’ll understand this band’s the power of The Ocean’s intricate approach to extreme metal.
- Mike SOS