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Shedding some emotional baggage without shedding its grungy skin, the ‘90s rock troupe Sponge may sound a tad irrelevant in today’s rock realm, but who could’ve predicted Motley Crue would be packing arenas in 2006? Sounding as angst-ridden as ever while keeping the guitar lines dirty yet simple, songs like “Glue” and “The Man” may not contain standout riffs like the band’s breakout hit “Plowed”, but after hearing the heartbreak on the acoustic “For All The Drugs in the World”, you can tell this Detroit, MI act has come full circle. Laying down its pain in the most convincing of ways, THE MAN finds this band compellingly retracing its steps back from the where are they now file back to the dusty rock ‘n roll trail.
- Mike SOS