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The PIC crew has returned, fresh off of its Comedy Central stint on PREMIUM BLEND, and drop another set of incredibly soulful and undeniably danceable tunes on SEXY PICNIC. The term hybrid is tossed around so much these days that it has probably lost some luster, but it's the best way to describe PIC. This collective, which goes seven deep, throw jazz, salsa, rock, and hip-hop into a big old gunnysack, and out come Latin flavored jazz hymns like "Ghoti" and Motown-inspired meets modern day R&B jams like "Nevermore Stories". SEXY PICNINC isn't just a cool album title; it also marks another 10 solid tracks in the pocket for the hiphoppunkfunkmamboska masters, whose infectious and intelligent tracks effortlessly make you smile the way Stevie Wonder, Tribe Called Quest, and most nudie bar slow jams only can.
- Mike SOS