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This is not what you’d expect from a band comprised of former members of Kittie (Jennifer Arroyo) and Biohazard (Billy Graziadei) in the least, but it is pretty original. Suicide City is a NYC quintet who takes on the darker side of rock, somewhere in between Slipknot and Mudvayne with an emphasis on a three-vocal assault that allows songs like futuristic metal anthem “Give Me Your Pity” and “Marching Backwords” the ability to build mood and shift atmospheres unlike any other band out there today. Guiding five tracks through nu metal, hardcore, industrial, and melodic metal’s waters and coming out with compellingly composed angst like “Diemonds” and deviously dissonant metallic punk on “Fuck Your Dreams”, NOT MY YEAR is a monstrous offering from a band primed on bringing a new attitude to the metal realm.
- Mike SOS