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Moments in Grace is the kind of rock band whose deep introspections and streamlined sound may pigeonhole them easily, as their Thrice meets Dredg mixture never reaches the heights of either outfit. Yet MOONLIGHT SURVIVED showcases enough of the band’s ability to climb to those levels to draw more than a passing interest. Produced by Brian McTernan, whose Salad Days label discovered and groomed the Florida quartet for the big time, the 12-track release radiates with both light and dark hues, compromising with hook-happy yet emotionally driven rock songs like “We Feel The Songs” and “Don’t Leave”, whose catchy chorus and lush arrangement intertwine in post-hardcore bliss. Coming off as hardcore boys with feelings may not be Moments in Grace’s intent, but with the undeniable poignancy brought by “The Past” and “Monologue”, coupled by bouncy melodies like “My Dying Day” in tow, Moments in Grace unequivocal substance rings out clearest.
- Mike SOS