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Polish extreme metal act Hate may not be as popular as fellow countrymen Vader or Behemoth, but the trio’s latest ode to Satan may change all that. ANACLASIS: A HAUNTING GOSPEL OF MALICE AND HATRED is the title to this eight-track endeavor high on death metal’s growls and dastardly guitar runs like the ones found on “Necropolis”. Exploiting the blast beat is yet another strong suit, as “Hex” aptly shows, yet songs like “Malediction” mesh Hate’s indeterminable style with Slayer-like riffing and an industrial-esque backdrop that comes off quite fierce. Calculated carnage is what this triad of terror brings to the table, weaving intricate guitars inside cacophonous rhythms brimming with contempt that abducts your ears, taking them through a hellacious ride that a band named Hate could conjure.
- Mike SOS