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This ruffian bunch from Colorado’s story is one of rock fable, as a chance meeting at a hot dog stand in NYC led them to Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly, who in turn offers to produce HELLO SAILOR, the quintet’s debut disc. Despite their back-story sounding a bit fishy, the 10-tracks adorning this disc are the real deal, bursting with today’s punk’s imminence. Don’t let the long song titles fool you, these guys supercede those stigmas by laying down atmospherically altering mood music with panache on such cuts as “Do I Sound Like I’m on Old Time Radio?” and “Hide the Scissors, Lock the Door”. Taking musical cues from such notable acts as Avail, Hot Water Music, Open Hand, and their producer’s clan, The Blackout Pact have the knack to carve out tension-filled punk anthems that somehow dually echo sentiments of despair and issue signs of hope. Engagingly full of highs and lows, HELLO SAILOR is a sturdy album richly chronicling a band’s rise from obscurity and Warped Tour goers should eat it up.
- Mike SOS