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South Africa’s Neshamah play the kind of hardcore that evokes both violent moshpits and thought-provoking debate, as this quintet wheel out the heavy artillery musically and keep the topic of their lyrics close to their beliefs. This 12-track endeavor follows the Refused/ Zao/ Most Precious Blood stance by whipping up dissonant riffs, jagged rhythms, serpentine vocals, and a general sense of controlled calamity on tracks like the wirily composed “Reallisation to Move On” or the ferally-beated chugfest of “Five Fingers Down”. Neshamah’s powerful music ushers just as powerful messages about the outfit’s personal choices, yet like the aforementioned bands they’ve patterned themselves by, never does it get in the way of the beautifully crafted brutality this group seamlessly whips up on “Sweet Goodnight” or “Guidance”. Tendering a type of hardcore weighty in both thought and sound, COMMUNICATING IN HEARTBEAT awakens the mindset as much as the muscles.
- Mike SOS