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Jizzy Pearl is one of the few C-list metal band singers that continuously put out heartfelt hard rock. The aptly titled VEGAS MUST DIE! is Jizzy’s latest solo shot, his third in between stints in LA Guns and RATT. Exploring the seedy underbelly of Sin City, Pearl’s distinct vocal delivery mixes his unique Love/Hate style while summoning the ghost of Bon Scot along the way. Going over the top with grit, Pearl’s convincingly “been there, done that” attitude on tracks like “Look At You Now” and the muscular AC/DC blues of “Lies” are just a few of the 11-track disc’s treats. Assisted by members of Great White and Salty Dog, the undeniable sleaze rock grooves of “Only Wait So Long” and “Good Girl” are ready for the stripper’s pole, while “True Love” sounds like a throwback from 1988. Pearl’s still rocking the outlaw image, only this time it’s through his experienced eyes, giving acoustic handclappers like “You Don’t Own Me” much more cadence than before. If you want your Sunset Strip Hard rock done right, VEGAS MUST DIE! is a must for the hair metal fan living in the modern day.
- Mike SOS