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Being billed as “the world’s greatest tribute to Ozzy Osbourne”, the lofty title hardly lives up to its name, as many of the stars on the disc tend to overdo the spirit of Osbourne’s music by over singing or missing the mark completely, making the entire 12-track’s feel akin to a heavy metal Vegas show. Featuring Lemmy (who actually co-wrote “Hellraiser” and “Desire”), Ripper Owens, Lita Ford, Dee Snider, and a host more, Ozzy’s best and brightest have been redone here with the best of intentions, but ultimately fall a bit flat. All-star tributes are nice when they save the rainforest or fight world hunger, but when they’re strung together to line pockets of musicians on the breadline, they kind of lose their luster. The latter is sadly the case here, with few exceptions, such as the gloomy twist of “Revelation (Mother Earth) by Novembers Doom and the jazzy interlude Alex Skolnick and his trio made from “Goodbye to Romance”. Despite Ozzy’s sad state of affairs in a live setting, this CD barely holds its own against even a dilapidated Prince of Darkness.
- Mike SOS