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Nasum may be the most devastating Swedish metal band out today, and judging by the vast competition of the Swedish scene, there's a lot for this group to live up to. Nasum does just that, and so much more, on the latest 22-track offering HELVETE (Swedish for Hell, by the way), an extreme metal opus that picks up right where the crushing sonic stew of HUMAN 2.0 left off. What makes Nasum such the entity is that while the band is punishing, brutal, and above all, ferocious (all traits that make them the beloved of the extreme metal scene), Nasum have also mastered the art of groove and the nuances of dynamics, utilizing both tools to further the band's savage blend of grind, death, punk, and hardcore metal Other bands may get heavier or louder, but they don't get any better at doing everything as cohesively as Nasum, whose brand of grinding extreme metal should work as a blueprint for all extreme bands to follow.
- Mike SOS