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By far one of the most prolific musicians of the hard rock underground, Scott Reeder’s debut into the solo realm definitively throws a curveball to longtime admirers. Having done everything from drums to mastering on TUNNELVISION BRILLIANCE, Reeder’s true creative zest is an unexpected visit through his musical mind frame, which ranges from the familiar desert rock and doom metal leanings to progressively psychedelic sojourns a la Pink Floyd. Lushly arranged and painstakingly produced, these 13 tracks are a culmination of two decades of compiling ideas and recording them down in spare time between projects, richly encapsulating Reeder’s unseen musical alter ego. From the bombastic majesty of “Diamond” to the commandingly catchy “The Day of Neverending”, this disc’s organic feel pushes itself into zones of intimacy via tracks like “To An End”, where acoustic guitars over symphonic arrangements provide a stark contrast than the usual associated crash and burn feel of a Reeder project. TUNNELVISION BRILLIANCE plays like Scott Reeder’s diary in musical form, leaving listeners intrigued, surprised, and ultimately satisfied.
- Mike SOS