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Decisively darker than previous efforts, the Seattle outfit Himsa’s latest offering exhibits the band’s versatile approach to abrasive music. Hardcore’s brevity and metalcore’s fury collide head-on across the 10-track HAIL HORROR, resulting in tracks like the pummeling “The Destroyer”, the classic metallic gloss of “Wolfchild”, which has hints of NWOBHM all over, and the very Gothenburg-esque metal of “They Speak in Swarms”, a track that could easily be mistaken for a cut by In Flames or The Haunted. Himsa has made an alarmingly crushing offering this time around, pulsating with pounding drums, frenetic guitars, and a guttural growl that puts the evil authority in the driver’s seat. If you’re craving triumphant tumultuousness, this quintet delivers in spades.
- Mike SOS