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After a four-year hiatus, the long awaited return of desert rock mavens Spiritu is here, and they’ve even brought company. Splitting their four-song sojourn with Pennsylvania’s Village of Dead Roads, this New Mexico based stoner rock clan continues its hearty hypnotic jam rock blend with slow burners like the impassioned “Object of Desire”, sounding like the bastard spawn of Clutch and Kyuss. Armed with acidic grooves aplenty, “Throwback” moves with a Sabbath-esque acumen, and is the highlight of Spiritu’s contributions. From there, a darker, bleaker atmosphere takes over, akin to a foreboding storm engulfing the daytime sky, as the sinister sludgecore of Village of Dead Roads takes over. Taking liberally from Crowbar, Sourvein, and High on Fire, this group’s four-track offering takes a sharp left from Spiritu’s good time flow and allows a touch of evil to enter your headphones on cuts like “Descendants of the Dendrites” and the punishing crunch of “Woman of Ill Repute”, their best showing. Stoner rock comes in all shapes and forms, and the eight-tracks which adorn this split CD display some of the best by two bands that can dually load a bong and get their groove on.
- Mike SOS