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Remember when emo wasn’t so goddamn commercial? Sinaloa does, and this trio (who work sans a bassist) have channeled the progenitors of the genre on the outfit’s 10-track sojourn such as Rites of Spring and to an extent, Fugazi. “Only In Dreams” showcases a twin guitar cacophony over a tortured vocal, as “Tracing Portraits” displays the band’s social consciousness as well as their stellar musicianship and “Static” explores the staleness of corporate America from a Proletarian focus yearning to break those heavy chains with jangly guitars and off-time drums in tow. Emblazoned with an excellent visual presentation (the booklet has both lyrics and explanations for each track) and an impassioned performance captured, Sinaloa gives out a blueprint by which to not only understand its music, but hopefully comprehend humanity on a whole as well. Captivating and enchanting, if you dig At the Drive In’s barrage of sound and the discord of early post hardcore, then Sinaloa is worth checking out.
- Mike SOS