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Casey Chaos is living out his dream on this project, as he gets to play with some of extreme metal’s elite in the new project dubbed Scum. The 12-track death punk metal excursion, which includes members of Emperor, Turbonegro, and Mindgrinder, unfortunately seems like another day at the office for Chaos, as a lot of the material heard on GOSPELS FOR THE SICK sound more at times like more polished outtakes from an Amen session, while others take on a darker punk skin rather than something totally earth shattering. Perhaps this is the intention, but to dub Scum a supergroup is kind of a misnomer. However, if you’re in the market for some lo-fi frenzy that broods like Venom versus Sex Pistols at a DRI show, songs like “Night of 1000 Deaths” deliciously deliver the deviance, while the mid-tempo monster “Truth Won’t Be Sold” is brimming over with evil. Crusty, raw, and rude, Scum’s death punk stance is for real, and exemplifies the spirit of the dark side of rock.
- Mike SOS