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Finnish metal troupe Mors Principium Est (translation: Death is the Beginning) takes the melodic death metal path to new and exciting territories on the group’s latest 10-track offering. Melding the perfect combination of dastardly metal riffs with harmonic keyboards and lush arrangements, songs like “Parasites of Paradise” fuse the collective wares of Soilwork, Children of Bodom, and The Haunted into an impenetrable force that any self-respecting fan of European metal will stand up and take notice of. Supplying ample dollops of death metal demonics, thrash metal carnage, dazzling technical metal, and an overall layer of melody that seals the deal, THE UNBORN can dually split your head open and sweep you away in epic fashion, sometimes in the same song, like the chameleon-esque “Two Steps Away”, which goes from sadistic metal assault to anthemic stadium rocker at the change of a chorus, An unbelievable release that uses all of the faculties of the genre expertly, Mors Principium Est has raised the melodic death metal bar to majestic new heights.
- Mike SOS