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France’s Hacride fancies itself as a technical metal clan, yet a more appropriate classification may be metalcore a la Caliban with a Gothenburg metal spirit a la Entombed intertwined with a strong dosage of hi-tech metal. Not to say this quartet doesn’t have the aptitude to roll out some complicated tricks, but songs like the dynamic “This Place”, with its stop-start tempos sound more Diecast than Death. However, tracks like “Flesh Lives On” emulates Meshuggah channeling Strapping Young Lad, albeit through a sheath of hardcore and the jagged riffs and crushing sonic slam of “Protect” merges Pantera, Fear Factory, and Candiria into a torrential assault. Never a shortage for ideas or afraid to experiment, yet at all times retaining an aura on the attack, DEVIANT CURRENT SIGNAL is an album laden with impressive heaviness and provocative new variations on old standbys that should garnish this band much well deserved attention from the metal realm.
- Mike SOS