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The City of Brotherly Love treats your ears to a debut twin-disc from a quartet whose ambitious nature spawned a atmospheric hunk of ambient metal. Rosetta is the name of the aforementioned outfit, whose expansive sound and grandiose delivery is liberally taken from luminaries such as Isis, Neurosis, and Swarm of the Lotus without simply creating a carbon copy. Instead, songs like “Absent” paves its own way using these templates, drumming up tension and intrigue within every movement of the piece. 10 tracks, two discs, and two hours later, when the smoke clears, THE GALILEAN SATELLITES leaves an undeliable impression on your psyche, nestling deep within the recesses of your mind all of the swirling riffs, multi-textured rhythms, bombastic exhibits of metallic glory, and serene soundscapes that emanate from this collection. Connecting arthouse flare and trailblazing metal, Rosetta’s promising introduction to the world unleashes a futuristic vision to the unsuspecting. You’ve been warned.
- Mike SOS