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Earthride hail from Maryland, the unofficial capital of doom, and feature former members of Spirit Caravan and Internal Void in its ranks. The quartet’s second syrupy sojourn, produced by none other than Corrosion of Conformity bassist Mike Dean, is a 10-track menacing exploration into the inner sanctum of your mind, complete with slow churning riffs, dynamically displayed dirges like “Loss” hypnotic rhythms, and a gravel-throated vocal delivery that reveals many a drug induced evening. The title track includes both huge hooks and a hedonistic hellfire guitar solo that severely summons Sabbath, while “God’s Own Medicine” tells the tale of the worst hangover you never had the pleasure of feeling. But, the guys in Earthride sure did, and when they crank out the stoner rock growls and hazy rumblings like it was 1975, stand clear of the carnage. Crowbar plus COC times Clutch equals the hellacious offering by this mid-tempo monster.
- Mike SOS