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Reds is yet another Brooklyn, NY based noise-laden hardcore band whose Fugazi meets Hot Cross delivery seems to be all the rage amongst the hardcore hipsters these days. Screaming over a batch of frenetic tunes that sound like kids with ADD were let loose in the studio after a sugar feeding, songs like “The Blind Believe” contain four musicians all over the place that seemingly lock together, while the U2 gone underground vibe on “Vikings of Progress” displays the band’s unnerving knack for hammering out engaging riffs. “Do It. Do It” supplies a hearty serving of raging, Bronx-esque punk of today and “Waiting for the Barbarians” lays down spastic rock for the moppy-haired contingent to get their ya-ya’s out on the dance floor. While Reds is by no means reinventing the wheel, they manage to create a hybrid that is at times interesting when on the verge of collapsing.
- Mike SOS