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NYC outfit The Smashup has risen from the ranks of the emaciated NYC club scene to their first release, the 10-track BEING AND BECOMING. Sounding like the ruffian offspring of My Chemical Romance and The Used, this energetic quartet play their brand of rock with vibrance and grit, thanks mainly to the vocal gymnastics of singer Watt White, a voice that can wail like Axl, growl like Hetfield, and command an audience’s attention like Billie Joe. Songs like the dynamic dipping and tumultuous twisting roller coaster ride of “No Name” take the dramatics of Meatloaf and update the vernacular and attitude for the Warped Tour kids, while “Murder to the Mattress” displays a somber, more introspective side aside from the showmanship with stark results. The Smashup started as a DIY band scraping by for recognition. Now, by the sounds heard on BEING AND BECOMING, this talented band is poised to take their incredible work ethic, stellar songwriting skills, and intriguing merger of classic hard rock from the ‘80s and today’s current crop of punk rock pinups that don’t just look good but play phenomenal to the next level.
- Mike SOS