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The tale woven by the viscous Sourvein has been mired with severed deals, broke hearts, disaster and calamity, yet this unbreakable unit trudges on for the worshippers of sludge to adore. On the outfit’s latest endeavor, the four-track EMERALD VULTURE, this long-running act continues its quest to dish out the despair by presenting the most punishing low end rumbles heard, as the title cut maintains a hypnotically heavy slow groove, while the opening feedback that yields to “Witch Rides Out…” crawls itself into your subconscious like a worm let loose in your brain. Sourvein unfortunately is yet another misplaced band due to the catastrophe of Katrina, yet this troupe remains true to its roots and sends out its sludge-ridden statements with the spirit of the Bayou very much intact.
- Mike SOS