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Long-running Bronx, NY metal troupe Irate (not the crappy acronym California wannabe group who they address on “Vendetta”) return after a hiatus with NY METAL, a blistering 11-track release poised to put the Boogie Down kings of beatdown metal back on top of the heap. Brutal rhythms, jaw dropping guitar work (just check the solos on “Robert Johnson”), and vocal venom growled from the depths of Hell have always been staples of the Irate sound, and they’ve all been retained and cranked up to 11 on this one. Placing themselves in the middle of the death, metalcore, and hardcore moshpit, heavily armed with songs like chugging gems “NYC March 11, 2002” and “Fallen” and the vindictive mid-tempo crusher “Coward”, Irate is back, bigger, better, and more brutal than ever. Prepare for the onslaught of the only Irate that matters.
- Mike SOS