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The Ark is a flamboyant lot, taking elements of Bowie, T-Rex, Queen, KISS, ABBA, and The Darkness to create their stirring rock concoction. This 11-track ode to the days of glam rock excess shakes and shimmies with conviction, as if this Swedish quintet were transported straight from a time capsule. Electronically enhanced with the sounds of the ‘80s wrapped around a rock ‘n roll soul, “Clamour for Glamour” has all of the makings of a bonafide anthem, while enticing titles such as “One of Us is Gonna Die Young” and “Girl, You’re Gonna Get ‘Em (Real Soon)” are laced with the bubblegum synth-pop and contagious hooks that all the hipsters are craving today. There’s even a sappy pseudo ballad “No End” that could be the tearjerker of the year. Mixing meaty riffs and big beats with a heaping side order of kitsch, these guys take not taking themselves seriously very serious, giving off a fun, larger than life retro party rock vibe that is hard to deny.
- Mike SOS