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Every self respecting metal fan knows that Sepultura hasn’t been the same since Max Cavalera left the band to form Soulfly, yet the resilient Brazilian metal troupe soldiered on with a new singer (Derek Green) and is now issuing a twin-disc live set from their most recent hometown gig. LIVE IN SAO PAUL contains a good mix of both pre and post-Max material, and the band sounds as blazing as ever, amassing over two decades of metal supremacy and influencing countless bands worldwide. While the older stuff does garnish a greater reaction (check the smoking version of “Troops of Doom” as evidence), the new stuff, while not as incendiary, does draw a good reaction and displays Green’s tenacious delivery. But, Max’s unique growls and ferocious delivery are sorely missed (most noticeable on “Territory”), and many would agree that LIVE IN SAO PAUL would sound a lot better with an all-original lineup at the helm. But, while we wait for dreams to come true, this 21-track disc has anything you could want from a band that has laid some of the most groundbreaking and finest thrash metal ever heard.
- Mike SOS