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Parabellum embodies the sounds of the swamp on the quintet’s 12-track sludgefest STAINLESS. Bulldozing guitar riffs like “The Wound That Never Heals” are commonplace here, but the vocal approach shifts often from a barb wired growl to a doomy drawl, allowing songs like “Locust Dreams In Potter’s Field” the flexibility to burn out to before getting throttled again by the Crowbar-esque “Sheep So Blind”. Heavy all around yet sometimes too weighty (the disc runs near 70 minutes), Parabellum’s blend of stoner doom metal grooves and moves with familiar airs yet holds its own thanks to off-kilter slow-burners like “Opiated Fuck Machine”, raw ferocity exemplified on “Pacifier”, and the dark atmosphere which runs throughout STAINLESS.
- Mike SOS