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Iowa’s Index Case may have a lot of heavy hands in the mix of their eponymous debut, but ultimately, the quartet suffers from a bout of over saturation. It’s not that the band’s mix of mopey nu metal, teeth-gnashing modern rock, and spooky Slipknot-esque horror rock is poorly executed or sloppily presented; in fact, the album, assisted by ex- Tears for Fears frontman Curt Smith and mega-rock knob twiddler Jimbo Barton sounds pretty damn impressive. But, it’d sound way more impressive if there was no Taproot, no Mudvayne, no Flaw, no Dry Kill Logic, or even Staind already enshrining the hallowed halls of modern metal. Instead, Index Case falls a bit flat, sounding too much like a carbon copy that its own entity, subsequently taking the zing out of mid-tempo burners like “Perfect Season”.
- Mike SOS