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Released to coincide with the launching of the Showtime anthology series of the same name, the soundtrack to MASTERS OF HORROR is a mixed bag of tracks from all types of heavy bands from the likes of Mudvayne and Shadows Fall to lesser-known acts such as A Change of Pace and Fall River. While the bulk of the material is heard for the first time here, many of the submissions have a b-side feel to them, and for the most part, arenít really all that scary. For argumentís sake, would you consider bands like Gratitude and Armor for Sleep bands youíd associate with horror movies? While there are good choices represented here such as Alkaline Trio, Shadows Fall, and the haunting Murder by Death, thereís also a bevy of screamo and punk bands here that are better suited for a Warped Tour comp. The twin-disc set may not represent horror movie music as much as it does the current climate of heavy rock acts currently storming the market, but at least it does a stellar job in showcasing all facets of that spectrum. Just a word to Immortal: for next time guys, try a little Slayer and Misfits.
- Mike SOS