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Snowblood’s sophomore effort finds the Scottish quartet continuing their ambient aural assault, as the eight-track, near 70-minute BEING AND BECOMING successfully merges the styles of Isis and Today is the Day. From the two-minute caustic snarl of “The Year of the Bastard” to the sprawling epics “Young” and “Black Stars Over Glasgow”, this group lovingly embrace the stoner rock side of the spectrum while implementing a slew of doom rock devices and Opeth-esque pristine interludes, allowing the dynamics to shine brightest throughout the entire endeavor. While other bands merely ape the lineage of Neurosis, Eyehategod, and Mogwai, Snowblood has the musical enrichment and dexterity to include the aforementioned band’s influence while creating its own intriguing tangent. A must have for fans that enjoy music that builds up to colossal proportions.
- Mike SOS