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Heralded as one of the most groundbreaking metal acts in the last 20 years, Fear Factory’s TRANSGRESSION finds the band continuing to explore new territories and horizons. This 11-track release finds the veteran band scaling down the industrial strength metal mechanical side of things and reconnecting with the organic, especially on their cover of U2’s “I Will Follow” and the synth-laden epic “Echoes of a Scream”. Burton C. Bell and company still can rip though, as “Spinal Compression” and “Moment of Impact” exhibits the kind of vintage batterings and brutal ballistics with a robotic edge that put Fear Factory on the map in the first place. But these moments are few and far between on TRANSGRESSION, as this album yields to a way cleaner sound on tracks like “Supernova”, undoubtedly alienating the folks that want to hear SOUL OF A NEW MACHINE again. While many longtime fans may have a tough time with the band’s constant evolution (some say that they lost it when ex-guitarist Dino Cazares exited the fold) and changing sound, Fear Factory still trudge on, unafraid to experiment and push the envelope.
- Mike SOS