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New Jersey punk hardcore horror troupe The Banner combine many of the East Coast’s staple heavy sounds on EACH BREATH HAUNTED, creating a maelstrom of metallic glory. For starters, this Bloomfield, NJ quintet channels the spirit of The Misfits, as songs like “Devilhawks” and “I’ll Be Happy When You’re Fucking Dead” combine the relentless assault and dark humor of their fellow statesmen. There’s also a slew of tough guy anthems wrapped around Goth rock a la AFI and neighbors My Chemical Romance meeting Madball kicking around such as “An Allergy to the Sun” and “Black Hood”. There’s even elements of Dillinger Escape Plan apparent on tracks such as “I Am Legend”, creating melodious moments inside of pure chaos. While the 13-track disc lags at times thanks to the instrumental interludes, it gives you just enough time to recover from the beating The Banner handed to you. If you like your hardcore dark and brooding like Himsa, these guys won’t disappoint.
- Mike SOS