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Old school rules! Dig out the denim jacket and polish up the bullet belt, as listening to Municipal Waste’s 16-track thrash-a-thon is like taking a time machine back to the late ‘80s metal scene as the genres began to blend. Emulating crossover kings like Anthrax, Leeway, Nuclear Assault, and DRI, tracks like “The Thing”, “Accelerated Vision”, and the cleverly titled and precise played “Guilty of Being Tight” keeps the pace manic and the fists on continuous pump. Blowing the dust off of the hardcore punk aesthetic and keeping their metal chops way up, HAZARDOUS MUTATION features the gang vocal choruses, popping basslines, buzzsaw guitars, and devil may care attitude that Gorilla Biscuits and SOD lovingly brought to the table. Abandon all fears and get your thrash on with this monstrous machine.
- Mike SOS