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Tony Iommi, while still waiting for Camp Osbourne to get the Sabbath back on track, has embarked on another solo effort titled FUSED. This time, instead of using a wealth of musicians as he did on his previous release IOMMI, the Godfather of metal guitar whittled it down to drummer extraordinaire Kenny Aronoff and vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes, creating a super tight trio whose musical pedigree alone is reason enough to make this disc a must-have. That, and the driving guitars Iommi wields on such powerful cuts as “Wasted Again” and Dopamine”, not to mention the soulful vocals delivered by Hughes throughout the entire collection, really make this release something special. No one masters the riff quite like Iommi, and “Face Your Fear” proves that, as the colossal sound that emanates from the SG is unlike any other, yet remains an entity that guitar players everywhere try to emulate. Solid in every aspect you could imagine in a hard rock album, FUSED is an album that any Sabbath, Deep Purple, or classic rock fan that leans on the heavier side of things needs to own.
- Mike SOS