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With such a harsh name, you can expect some badass tones blasting through your speakers, and this Orange County, CA based stoner rock trio reliably oblige on their self-titled stoner rock excursion. Produced by stoner rock superstar Scott Reeder, this eight-track release displays a Melvins meets Fu Manchu vibe, as the hooks on tracks like “Running My Machine” are heftily held together by some superfuzzy guitar and bass tones. Providing the hypnotic kick on “Trip Manhattan” just like the mighty Kyuss once did, while anteing up the biker boogie on “Don Juan”, Whores of Tijuana balance out their sludgy salvo with the intensity and drunken rowdiness of the crème de le crème of desert rock. Best part of it all is that unlike dealing with the usual unsavory conditions of such women south of the border, there’s no need for a thorough washing after hearing this one straight through.
- Mike SOS