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When you speak of metal bands that have carved their own niche into the genre, Meshuggah is one of the first acts that come to mind. The progressively punishing quartet’s latest exercise in raising the bar is CATCH THIRTY THREE, a blistering assault unlike any on the scene today. Brazen with the innate ability to hypnotically suck you in with off-kilter rhythms and esoteric structures while piledriving your skull with an ungodly sonic crush of the deepest low-end metal madness on the market, Meshuggah are quite possibly the most technically sound metal band on the planet, always striving to further their experimentations of mechanically inclined metal. This brand of severe music is sometimes hard to grasp for the layman, but for those ready to travel to new realms and push boundaries, Meshuggah is the band to hit up.
- Mike SOS