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Life of Agony’s latest release is not only a triumphant musical comeback, but marks a spiritual rebirth for the groundbreaking Brooklyn quartet, who reformed in 2004 after a less than amicable breakup nearly five years earlier. BROKEN VALLEY is a 12-track reclamation of past glories and a look ahead to future promise, as the hard rock seeping through “Love to Let You Down” and “Don’t Bother” shape a new, more accessible dimension for the band. Retaining the penchant for drawing from deep emotional places, lead vocalist Keith Caputo’s visceral lyrical outpouring on tracks like “Wicked Ways” and “The Day He Died” is top notch, as is the bombastic rhythm section of Alan Robert and Sal Abruscato, while the ever-steady Joey Z. churns out the kind of riffs he could never find while away from LOA. Now seasoned veterans of the rock world, BROKEN VALLEY depicts an outfit poised to re-embark on the journey they left behind before stronger and more determined than ever.
- Mike SOS